Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review: Queen of Shadows

Queen of Shadows (A Novel of the Shadow World)Product Description
Meet Miranda Grey-music and magic are in her blood.

Overwhelmed by her uncanny ability to manipulate people's emotions through her music, Miranda Grey comes to the attention of vampire lord David Solomon. Believing he can help bring her magic under control, David discovers that Miranda's powers may affect the vampire world too...


Welcome to the Shadow World, the hidden world of vampires.  A group of vampires calls the Austin area home, as does Miranda Grey, a talented musician.  The vampire Prime, David Solomon, notices Miranda Grey while he stands in line at the grocery store holding a pint of Ben  & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (evidently top dog vampires have a sweet tooth too). 
Miranda, who also has abilities as an empath and a telepath, hovers on the brink of madness as those abilities threaten to overwhelm her.  She uses those gifts but they take their toll on her, resulting in her shutting herself in her apartment as much as possible when not performing.
Shortly after their initial encounter, Miranda undergoes an extremely traumatic event and would have died if not for intervention from David.   He takes her to Haven, the base of operations for vampires in the South.   The story progresses steadily after Miranda goes to Haven.  The love story was believable and dealt with issues in a sensitive, caring manner, spread out over the course of almost a year.
The  author writes in a clear, concise style, maintains a good pace and excellent character growth throughout and crafts memorable secondary characters.  If she writes more in this series, I will definitely read them. 
Sensuality: a rape scene and a graphic sex scene
Rating: 4 stars

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