Review Policy

In the event an author or an author's agent contacts me to review a book, I reserve the right to honestly review the book. If I receive an advance copy of the book, I will do my best to review it close to the release date. I am most interested in urban fantasy, young adult fantasy, paranormal, time travel and historical romance. I'm not opposed to reading other more chick lit-type books, mysteries, thrillers, etc. if the opportunity arises.

Rating System

I use the following criteria when deciding how to rate a book I read:

5 Stars: Excellent book, goes on my keeper shelf, characters and world so real I think about them long after I've finished reading. In all likelihood, I will re-read this several times

4 Stars: Very good book, will probably re-read at some point

3 Stars: A good, fun read, nothing spectacular, not much re-readability

2 Stars: A fair book, but several flaws or not the best character or world-building

1 Star: Very poor book, either I couldn't finish the book or I had to force myself to finish