Sunday, March 9, 2014

Speaking at a Librarian Convention!

Hi all! I’m pretty excited about April Fool’ Day this year, because I’ll be speaking at a Master’s Class for librarians in Oklahoma. We are having a panel discussion about genres and I’ll be speaking on Urban Fantasy. In preparing for this, I realize that no matter how much I have read in the genre, I have still missed a LOT of authors! I wrote down pages and pages of authors in the genre and I’m certain I’ve barely scratched the surface. What’s so great about Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance is the variety! While I enjoy a great vampire tale, I also enjoy books about angels, demons and the fae. Let’s not forget about steampunk either. I’ve read some fun pieces in the pat few years that touched on steampunk stuff.

Finding a book with unique world-building is quite rewarding! Hopefully some of the books I write about over the next few days will intrigue you!