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Review: Firewalker (Stormwalker)

Firewalker (Stormwalker)
Book Blurb:
Janet Begay's Crossroads Hotel has attracted the supernatural ever since it opened. But a new, dark power is rising, this time inside Janet herself. Her boyfriend Mick, a sexy dragon shape shifter the Navajo call a Firewalker, know what terrifying magic is threatening to overwhelm Janet and her Stormwalker powers. He watches over her, ready to fight for her, to do anything to keep her safe.

But then a mysterious corpse is found near the Crossroads Hotel-and Janet becomes the main suspect. Now Janet and Mick must uncover what really happened, and their investigation leads to the most perilous decision of their lives...


I wanted to love this book, I really did, but it just fell a bit short of the mark for me and I ended up liking it instead.  It has tremendous potential, great world-building, a varied set of supernatural beings (witches, shape shifters, gods, and dragons), an interesting premise and a slightly unexpected ending.  I wanted to be friends with her friends; the secondary characters are great!  The Magic Mirror and Coyote steal the scenes they are in.

The problem for me lies in the relationship between Mick and Janet.  Sure, they are both interesting characters, but they didn't "feel" like a team to me; they kept hiding things from each other.  They love each other desperately and rescue each other from extremely dangerous situations several times and have the requisite make-up-so-glad-you-are-safe sex and then they go about their own business.  For example, Janet has two types of magic raging through her: the storm magic and Beneath magic from her goddess mother.  No one will help her learn to use or to not use the magic, she has to fumble around.  We find out Mick will kill her, as will Coyote and several other very powerful supernatural beings if she doesn't learn how to use or to not use the Beneath magic, but no one helps her, least of all Mick.  An old friend TRIES to help her but it doesn't work so much.  

Overall, this book was action-based, containing interesting fight scenes with magic use.  Character development could have been a bit stronger, but overall, Janet progressed in a positive direction personally as well as in the use of her magics.  The book is worth reading; just not one I would read several times.
If you enjoy the Queen Betsy books and her relationship with Sinclair, you will probably enjoy this series a great deal more than I did.

Sensuality: a few semi-graphic sex scenes, mild references to homosexuality and a thwarted rape scene

Rating: 2.5 stars

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