Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: Curse the Dawn

Curse the Dawn (Cassandra Palmer, Book 4)Product Description
Cassie Palmer may be the world’s chief clairvoyant, but that doesn’t mean people have stopped trying to kill her. And now, the self-styled god Apollo, the source of Cassie’s power, is on the warpath—leaving her no choice but to face down her creator once and for all.

WOW!  What a wild ride!  This book, like all the others in the series, chains action scenes, chases, magic fights and a few sensual scenes together into a delightful read.  It had many laugh-out-loud moments, usually followed by “oh wow, that did NOT just happen!” moments.
Pritkin really shines in this book.  The chemistry between Cassie and him sizzles. Pritkin seems to be Cassie’s only true ally as she tries to learn how to do her job.  He doesn’t coddle her, he tells her the truth and doesn’t manipulate her into doing what he wants.  I sincerely hope Karen Chance pairs them romantically because if she doesn’t she’s going to need to do some work on Mircea because he seems a bit flat; yeah, he’s hot and seductive, but he seems to want to keep Cassie as a pet, which prevents her from doing her job as Pythia not to mention stifles her personally.
Ms. Chance introduces us to a few new fun characters, one of whom is a drag queen lounge singer who steals the scenes she is in.   Character development for primary characters is steady but the story is primarily action-based.  A fun read, whole-heartedly recommended.  The only problem is we have to wait for the next installment (due in the summer of 2011).  The series is best read in order: Touch the Dark, Claimed by Shadow, Embrace the Night and Curse the Dawn.
Sensuality: kissing, several sensual scenes, one sex scene
Rating: 5 stars

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